Pond Services

Koi Shui offers top-notch pond services across the greater Los Angeles area, helping property owners maintain pristine and attractive aquatic environments.

While ponds can significantly enhance the value and enjoyment of your home, the upkeep can often feel overwhelming.

Koi Shui takes the hassle out of maintaining a beautiful fish pond by providing comprehensive services. Our team ensures your water is always clear and sparkling, and your fish are healthy and thriving, providing joy to you and your guests.

Beyond maintenance, we can help you design and install the fish pond of your dreams. Koi Shui is fully bonded and insured, and we take great pride in the training and professionalism of our staff. Whether you need routine cleaning or more extensive pond services, we tailor our work to meet your specific needs and schedule.

Ponds are stunning additions to any space, providing tranquility and enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

However, maintaining these delicate ecosystems can be challenging and time-consuming.

Our comprehensive pond services take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of your aquatic habitat without the hassle. Koi Shui Aquatics’s team of experts is dedicated to deliering pristine water conditions and vibrant, healthy fish, ensuring your pond is a focal point of beauty and relaxation. We provide thorough cleaning of all mechanical equipment and we conduct regular water quality testing to maintain optimal conditions for your aquatic life.

What We Offer:

Pond Maintenance

Koi Shui offers weekly/bi-weekly and monthly maintenance plans!

Our plans focus on three essentials – water flow, filtration and maintenance. A clean and clear pond depends on all three.

We ensure our clients’ ponds sparkle year-round. For the best results, we recommend weekly maintenance to manage waste effectively. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Pond Repairs

We ensure your pond remains healthy and beautiful. We can handle your specific needs, from minor repairs to major overhauls.

We offer comprehensive pond repair services including leak detection, plumbing services, turbid water, faulty equipment fixes and filter repairs.

Pond Updates/Upgrades

Transform your pond into a stunning oasis with our expert pond update services. From enhancing water flow and filtration to regular maintenance, we ensure your pond remains healthy and beautiful year-round.

We help in upgrading your filters, energy saving pumps, UV sterilizers, pond equipment, lightings etc.

Pond Design & Installations

Let us help you create a sparkling, serene retreat in your own backyard.

With Koi Shui, you can trust that your aquatic environments will be expertly cared for, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility they bring without the stress of maintenance. Let us help you create and sustain a stunning aquatic feature that will enhance your home for years to come.